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We are team of gamers, artists and developers, who excels in Game Development, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Image Processing and Computer Vision, hailing from Anand, IN-GJ.

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Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality is your instant ticket to the virtual world – It’s just like transporting you into the matrix. Most modern VR kits use a physical VR enabled headset to block out the real world and let the user into the virtual environment. The user can move around in the space, and interact with the surrounding elements to get a firsthand simulated experience of the real thing. VR Rooms use a number of large screens connected in series to create a seamless video output that mimics reality. This is particularly useful when the technology needs to engage more that one user at a time. The production of the virtual content plays an important role in creating a credible VR experience and we have time and again hit the right spot with our VR projects.