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Trends in the Mobile Game Industry

20+ Innovative Mobile Game Ideas for Android and iOS

20+ Innovative Mobile Game Ideas for Android and iOS

Looking For Mobile Game Idea ? In 2020, The world was undergoing a disturbing and unusual event: the COVID-19 pandemic. During that severe times, gaming has become a means of escapism and time filling for many.

As a result, one of this year’s growth drivers is an intensified interest in gaming due to COVID-19-related lock down means. However, the launch of the game with new ideas in 2021 is a key contributing factor and will befit you more than you think.

In this article, we’ll explore the 2021 mobile gaming trends and ideas for games.

Current Trends in the Mobile Game Industry?

  • Hyper Casual Games
  • AR-powered mobile games
  • Games With Multiplayer Feature
  • Integrate With Social Media Channels
  • AI/ML L based Games
  • Blockchain based Games

Types of Games Users Play:

  1. Action games
  2. Action-adventure games
  3. Adventure games
  4. Role-playing games
  5. Simulation games
  6. Strategy games
  7. Sports games
  8. Puzzle games
  9. Idle games

If you planning to enter the in-game industry then this is the time to launch a new game with innovative mobile games ideas.

Here we have provided a list of engaging and entertaining game ideas that will surely make you astonished and indeed, it will be worthwhile to spend your time here to read the article.

21 Amazing Engaging Game Ideas that will Help you Make More Money:

Kids Mobile Game Ideas

1. Cartoon game

Children love to watch cartoons and they see their favorite characters in the game like Chota Bheem, Spider man, Batman, and it’s impossible to stop them to play a game.

2. Alphabets game

Parents want their children to learn something by playing the game and Developing an Alphabet game app for the kids means creating a virtual playschool for them. You can add colorful images to make kids learn alphabets, words, numerals, rhymes, and more, in an easy way.

 3. Dress up

Gaming apps such as dress-up can make children aware of daily activities such as brushing teeth, making the bed, keeping clothes at the right place, fancy character, and attractive environment hook them so long.

Augmented Reality Mobile Game Ideas

4. Zombies game

A Zombie game is popular among children as well as adults – different real-world, extraordinary features and amazing objects like guns, cars, super zombie powers make your app stand out.

5. Pokemon Go

Games like Pokemon Go is a live example of augmented reality mobile game and it was a big hit among the audience. You just need to add the GPS feature to allow players to search and follow their nearby creatures or any location.

Action Mobile Game Ideas

6. Detective games

Detective games where the player has to solve a murder mystery or find out the culprit of a crime through collect the different clues and playing internal mini-games and this type of game can become addictive.

7. Sports league based

Players would love to play sports leagues virtually, it’s a multiplayer game and gives a real-time playing experience. Choose a sport and started developing the game.

Racing Mobile Game Ideas

8. Car/Motorcycle racing

Car and motor racing games already on the Play Store, you can provide different vehicles with innovative designs and some power-ups with challenging twists and turns which took your game on another level.

9. Animal racing

As simple as that, the animal racing app can be interesting for the kids and as well children may learn about animals. You can provide different gameplay like amazon jungle, Africa jungle, or animal (dogs, cat, horses, elephant, tiger, ostrich, or any other animal) and each animal has their powers so you can give the option to users to choose the animals for racing.

Example of AR Animal Zoo and AR Animal coloring Game

Card Mobile Game Ideas

10. Rummy

There is already lots of game-like rummy on the play store and Apple store. You can give your touch and develop a rummy game and if you have money then it will work for you to develop the same concept game by running a huge marketing campaign.

11. Poker

Nowadays, a real-money game on the boom and spend money on a poker game is a great option to earn name and fame. You can provide good deals attractive offers to make your app different from others.

Puzzle Mobile Game Ideas

12. Criminal case

Criminal games improve the intellectual ability of players by search around crime scenes and collect clues to find the criminal.

13. Find the difference

This is a simple and easy game to occupy users and hold them longer to play the games. You don’t have to do lots of things to develop this kind of game, just add some unique images as per the difficulty level of the game.

14. Block games

We all know block game – Align the blocks and move them to make the way to the end direction. You can do only one thing to improvise the game make the levels more difficult from another app.

Educational Mobile Game Ideas

15. General knowledge

Add multiple choice or normal questions on history, geography, mathematics or you can choose any stream that a user can answer to test his/her general knowledge and you may arrange various virtual contests and offer real money prize to the winner.

16. Guess the animal

Simple – cute game for kids: users have to choose the right animal image from the option.

Casino Game Idea

17. Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune – user can spin the wheel and win, it’s one of the virtual casino games.

Sports Game Idea

18. Cricket

Developing a Cricket game is an exceptional decision to get success in the game industry because cricket is a well-known sport all over the world. You can develop a game like Dream11, where you can allow the user to select the players and make their team virtually and earn money.

Board Game Ideas

19. Chess

Chess is one of the International games. There is no doubt that the same mobile games are already in the play store, but still, there is a chance to create a chess mobile game app and grab the attention of the masses. Try your luck!

20. Ludo

Ludo has become a very popular game in Covid 19 because a user can play with their friends and family, make a team and experience the same old board game virtually. You can add functionality to join the ludo gaming app with social media accounts.

21. Carrom

Carrom is a simple game with a simple rule book, with no more functions and features required. If you want to step ahead from the race of carrom game development you can design in a 3D environment and arrange the tournament league.

The Bottom Line

As we know, mobile is the prior need of everyone and it results in developing more mobile games, therefore, mobile phones play a huge role in the gaming industry. 

If you planning to develop a mobile game then these ideas can help you to choose the right game and you have already finalized your game concept then you can reach out to a Mobile game development company to convert your idea into reality.

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