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We are team of gamers, artists and developers, who excels in Game Development, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Image Processing and Computer Vision, hailing from Anand, IN-GJ.

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2D and 3D games are most common and oldest format of gaming and graphics and they are still relevant for many games and applications.

When virtual and real worlds are combined, you have a technology call Augmented Reality.

Manufacturing either a steel detail or a structural metal construction’s wireframe is our major area of expertise.

Machine learning is a process to train compute system to act independently without being explicitly programmed for it.

We Make Dreams
Come to Life

We are a team of dreamers; gamers and avid coders who fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. We’re passionate storytellers, driven by our imagination - We are Invisible Fiction. We create future forward augmented content and tech-based products for a large array of applications ranging from edutech to meditech, to retail, hospitality, transit, entertainment and more.

What Our Client Says

"I found Sanjay and Invisible Fiction on Elance and selected them from more than 50 suppliers to produce an iPad App for me. They were quick to respond to my emails and questions and quoted a price that was reasonable for the job requested."

Andrew Baker
Managing Director: IQIdeas, New Zealand

What Our Client Says

"We knew Sanjay well as he worked alongside us in our UK office for a while, proving himself to be a reliable and very good developer. When Sanjay later set up Invisible Fiction out in India, Invisible Fiction was the natural choice of partner to work alongside us in the development of our cloud-based software."

Joni Phillips
Director: Technology 2 Ltd, UK

What Our Client Says

"Invisible Fiction has helped us with many cutting-edge Augmented Reality projects. They are an eager team that takes on tough projects that push the limits of mobile performance - with a high level of proficiency. My favourite part about working with them is when we find out that they implemented efficient methods that we had yet asked for, for ease of use - no extra charge!"

Mike dyker

What Our Client Says

"I have been using the Augmented Reality expertise of Sanjay and his Invisible Fiction team for more than 6 months now, from the development of our AR platform, to the creation of demo AR applications for our clients. This team is the real deal when it comes to AR development and they continue to be a valuable asset to our organization."

Keith Laban - Founder of Startl Ltd
Trinidad and Tobago

What Our Client Says

We at Pimovi Games cannot speak highly enough of Sanjay and his team at Invisible Fiction. They were at all times quick, efficient, creative and dedicated to deadlines.

Maxwell Grant
Pimovi Inc.

What Our Client Says

"We were trying to make our game in new way to let the players enjoy the game and feel it between their hands. Thinking how they would taste real happiness by adding the great emotion they are missing on their preoccupation."

Khaled AL Kaabi

What Our Client Says

"Sanjay was the person for the job. Call it intuition or a sixth sense, I knew Sanjay would be able to accomplish the task of developing our game. He was very helpful and always available for any questions I had. Sanjay definitely exceeded my expectations with punctual updates and beautifully rendered graphics."

Chris Chavez

What Our Client Says

"I had a dream of a game app but lacked the programming know how to accomplish it myself so I reached out for a successful programmer. I ran onto Sanjay's profile and he seemed very qualified and his portfolio contained similar projects to what I was looking for."

Petru Mironescu

What Our Client Says

Invisible fiction created and published my two games "Shiva The Cosmic Power" and "Shiva The Cosmic Runner" and provided services from design to code to test and publishing on store. The development of first game went through lot of ups and down. But despite of challenges, the team launched it successfully. Being a mid-size company with expertise in Unity 3D and excellent graphics artist can get any challenging game development done for affordable cost. I worked with this company almost for a year and seen the honesty, dedication and professionalism of the team and owner of the company.

Chandrashekhar Wagh
Founder and Game designer of WaghCreations

What Our Client Says

One of the true and rightful resources on Upwork whom you can trust to the extreme extent. A very good team of talented and young developers, who can deliver to your expectations. Sanjay leads them all very well and ensures the milestones are achieved before the target dates. Gonna come back for sure Sanjay for many more projects. Keep the good work always kicking. God Bless!!

Dilip Semwal

Welcome to Gaming

We are keeping very close track of what is new and happening in the market, and providing best possible gaming and application solutions to our valued clients. Team is well equipped to develop games and application for almost any platform, be it Android, iOS, Windows, MAC or any other gaming platforms.


Game Development Service

Hard work driven by Passion converts the imagination into WOW Games. Play It and Enjoys!

Invisible fiction Augmented Reality Service


Augmented Reality Service

Augment Virtual Objects in the real world and interact in Games and Applications.

Invisible fiction Reality Service


Virtual Reality Service

Feel the Power of an immersive Virtual world to learn, play, and interact with Games and Applications.

Invisible fiction Vision Service


Computer Vision Service

Let’s make computers Understand the real world with the Help of Images and Our Capabilities.

Invisible fiction Image Processing Service


Image Processing Service

The image contains lots of information for us. Our Duty is to decipher the information.